In this post I am uploading my portfolio 2013. cover_final
The most difficult part has been taking out works that I liked, but for some reasons didn’t really fit in this presentation.

I am sure some of you will be disappointed in not finding a sample of the project we have been working on together and I am sorry about that.
If we are still in contact, you know that I enjoyed very much working together and I hope we will work together again (if we are no longer in contact though, that could be the reason why your project is not here and your emails go directly in my spam folder).
I selected these projects to give an example of my work to whom doesn’t know me professionally.

For this portfolio I wanted to do something different and I liked the idea of designing it like an overused old fashion photo album (the reason why the cover is ripped off).

You can view the full version by CLICKING HERE.



Bartolo Yoga3-01

This is the third comic inspired by my yoga classes.
I have others in my sleeve, but I guess you are getting the point: yoga is painful, despite what people make us believe on TV.

I draw them using Adobe Illustrator.

Here the dialogue says:

– Since I do yoga I notice more the small things like flowers and grass…
– Muscular fever?
– I wish I were dead.


Bartolo Yoga2-01

This is the second comic strip inspired by my painful yoga classes. I usually work in English but these ones ended up being in Italian (my native language.

In this strip the character loosely inspired by me talks to a batender.

The dialogue reads:

– Today I took my first yoga class. There are some positions that make you loose your senses.

– Because of the meditation?

– Because they hurt.

I am drawing these strips with Adobe Illustrator.


Bartolo YogaLately I have started a yoga course that triggered my creativity.
Have you ever seen that image with a circle stating YOUR COMFORT ZONE, and then a dot far away stating HERE IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS?
It’s actually true: doing something new (and unbelievably painful) can really help to find new ideas.

So I started drawing how painful is doing yoga, and here’s the result.
To do these comic strips I used Adobe Illustrator.

Here is this character loosely inspired by me.
The subtitle reads:

How I see myself when I do yoga
…and how others see me.