bartolo teachingI recently worked as a Teacher with several groups of international students. I really liked this experience and inspired me with a series of brand new comic strips!

Here is the first one with me and my students.

Their age and English level vary a lot and sometimes we don’t really have a common language to use, and the communication can be a big challenge. Humor is my favorite channel to communicate with them and they like it. I like it too when they make an effort to find ways to joke with me.

I drew this comic strip using Adobe Illustrator.




This is a new logo design I did for my website about photography, Fai una Foto.

I did it in Adobe Illustrator and I wanted to create something that reminded of a camera in its most essential element, and at the same time do something more complex than the usual logos.
Nowadays simple is considered better, and I agree with that: when in doubt, following the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best advise.

Experienced and talented designers have the ability to strip a concept to its most basic meaning and create something beautiful with just a few lines, recognizable in a blink of an eye from distance.

As this logo is for myself and not for a client, I wanted to try something more sophisticated: something more logo_BMWcomplex that gave the impression on a subliminal level of a strong and classic product. I am happy with this result. I had to experiment in order to reach what I wanted and I think the reason this logo gives me confidence is because it somewhat reminds me of the BMW associated to a classic and strong product. This hasn’t been done on purpose, but it offers an interesting point to think about the links and triggers of our minds.

What do you think about that?


i-ve_lost_weight-01Recently my inspiration comes from my conversations with my sister and I have the impression this is a well that will never run out of water.

My only problem at the moment is that I am not as fast at drawing as she is at throwing me her pearls, so at the moment I have a larger and larger waiting list of comic strips to come.

What to use them for? No idea, but I think it’s a good thing to draw them down until I’ll find a use for them at a certain point in the future.

I am drawing using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom pen.


the_leaving_partyLiving in a place where a lot of people come an go as soon as a new opportunity comes up, meeting people that want to spend the rest of their lives here and then soon after they go is something you get used to.

A few days ago this happened to a friend of my sister and this concept all of a sudden came up into my mind. It’s been a bit embarrassing: everybody was sad for her departure, and I burst into laughs.

Anyway, I did this drawing using Adobe Illustrator.



I have recently found a drawing of Ariel I did for fun a while ago and I thought it was a good idea to publish it.

06 Glen Keane Ariel06 Glen Keane Ariel_coloured

The original sketch is by artist Glen Keane, the colored version is mine.
This has been made in Photoshop. To accomplish this result I set the opacity of my brushes at a low level. This way when the flow of the same color crossed (water versus deeper water/shadow) it gave a feeling of watercolors. When two different colors crossed (like hair and water) they gave the impression of dirt color, which I think is more realistic than a perfectly colored drawing.


Bartolo Yoga3-01

This is the third comic inspired by my yoga classes.
I have others in my sleeve, but I guess you are getting the point: yoga is painful, despite what people make us believe on TV.

I draw them using Adobe Illustrator.

Here the dialogue says:

– Since I do yoga I notice more the small things like flowers and grass…
– Muscular fever?
– I wish I were dead.