I am currently working at Passion Distribution (a UK TV distributor) and part of my duties involves preparing the presentations for the catalogues that will be presented shortly in Cannes at the MIPTV.

Today I had a look at some of the old titles and I have found out that in many cases, out of tens of professionally taken pictures made to promote the show, I have chosen the same pictures, in the same order, the past Designer chose.
This has made me wonder how is that possible, how come people have the same sensibility and feel in the same way what works and what doesn’t.

But it can happen also the opposite.
As I am an Italian in London and I don’t watch much TV, when it’s about choosing a picture I tend to select the one that is more meaningful to me, while English people tend to choose the smiling celebrity of the show.

I am reporting here another example of how the sensitivity of people can be different: one of the shows tells the story happened this Summers in Chile to the Miners that have been trapped in a mine.

buried_alive_chilean_mine_disasterburied_alive_chilean_mine_disaster (2)
As I think this is nowadays something that most of the people still remember very well, I chose for the main image an unrelated picture of the event, with people on the surface praying for the men trapped underground, and a picture group of the Miners underground as the secondary picture.

The Commercial Director wanted something that showed the event and captured the moment, so a picture of people working to save their lives, and ultimately we went on with her idea for the main picture.

I still like my idea better, but I respect hers and I can’t really decide which one is best. What’s your opinion?



Today I had to make a presentation using an image of an explosion with colors that I didn’t like, so I decided to play with the colors to make it more appealing.

On the left you find the original picture and on the right side the final result.

Original ExplosionPhotoshopped explosion

To do that I created a new layer, filled it with black, changed the blending mode to OVERLAY and lowered the opacity until I found the tone I wanted (you don’t need much, try first with 10%).
Then I created a new ADJUSTMENT LAYER and increased the VIBRANCE and SATURATION.

It is a really simple effect, but I find the result very powerful, and if I hadn’t do it myself I would wonder how the heck did the Author do it 🙂