freebirdThis advert is part of a campaign I recently designed to promote activities you can do in Tenerife.
I am satisfied with this result, especially thinking how bad it risked to be.

For this page I had some very good pictures I had to sacrifice because they were too similar to others I used, and some pictures I didn’t really like, but I had to put.

One of the main reasons people buy a trip with this catamaran is to see wales and dolphins, so it was important to put the picture of a dolphin seen from the boat, but no matter how hard I tried, the picture didn’t fit with the rest of the page.
Then I had the idea to use that picture as the background and everything all of a sudden seemed to go in the right place.

This advert is different from the others of the campaign, but I really like the think outside the box result.



Today I had to make a presentation using an image of an explosion with colors that I didn’t like, so I decided to play with the colors to make it more appealing.

On the left you find the original picture and on the right side the final result.

Original ExplosionPhotoshopped explosion

To do that I created a new layer, filled it with black, changed the blending mode to OVERLAY and lowered the opacity until I found the tone I wanted (you don’t need much, try first with 10%).
Then I created a new ADJUSTMENT LAYER and increased the VIBRANCE and SATURATION.

It is a really simple effect, but I find the result very powerful, and if I hadn’t do it myself I would wonder how the heck did the Author do it 🙂


Yesterday I was working on a composition in Photoshop cutting an aircraft and putting it on a landscape, than I thought How could I make this picture more dynamic?
Adding a trail!

So here I did this experiment with some of the things that I like most: Futurama and London, using paths in Photoshop.planet_express_london

If you would like to try yourself, here I will tell you how to do that with your own pictures.

1 – After cutting the spaceship from the background and putting it on a different layer, draw the path of the trail using the Pen Tool.

2 – Make a new layer.

3 -Select the brush you want to use for your trail, the color and the opacity. For my trail I used 3 sizes of an irregular brush to simulate the smoke, White as the foreground color and Opacity 90%.

4 – Go to the PATHS palette and select the Path label. Right click it and choose the brush from the menu. Now your path has a stroke with the brush you selected previously.

5 – Make a new layer, make the last one invisible and repeat twice all the passages changing the size of the brush.

6 – Make a mask on smoke layer and cancel the smoke behind the tower. Also, progressively cancel the big size smoke when it is far away, to simulate distance, and do the opposite with the small sized smoke when it is close by, in order to keep your picture clean.

7 – Select another brush to simulate the fire. DO exactly what you did before. Use a brush with some blur (or add some blur later). I used a brush 50 for the yellow and a 25 for the red (each one in a new layer).

8 – Make a mask for each layer and cancel the useless parts.

9 – Finally, make a new layer and make a new stroke using the same brush and color you used the first time, with Opacity 80%. This helps making things a bit messier and look more realistic.

10 – For the reactors, make a new layer between the spaceship and the trail, selecting a small brush with a large blur. Starting with white to simulate the smoke, draw a circle.

11 – Select yellow and make the brush smaller to color this time the fire coming out of each reactor. Do the same thing, with a smaller brush, with red.

And this is it! I liked this effect: simple and fun.


A while ago I discovered by chance Rod Guen, an Artist whose works I now admire very much.

I especially like the way he portrays women: they are so natural in their movements, and in every drawing you have the feeling you can get some of the personality of his character.

Watching his drawings of women he portrayed in their private moments, I have the feeling he loved all of them.

I enjoyed so much his drawings I felt the urge to copy one, and here is the final result.  I like the way this girl raises her foot: she is telling us she is maybe a dancer, and that call phone is important to her, and not really pleasant.

I copied the girl on a piece of paper, then I scanned it and inked it in Adobe Illustrator. After that, I colored it in Adobe Photoshop.

For the curtain, I drew it in Illustrator, than exported it in Photoshop and played with the opacity, blur and transparency. It is my first attempt to color a curtain using this technique, but I like it.

You can see the original drawing on this link


These are some of the drawings I did about Lucky Luke.

I have always been passionate about comics and I find Lucky Luke’s classic stories humorous and intelligent, and the graphic style is amazing.

This is an homage to Morris and Goscinny, the drawings are mine. Feel free to use them if you need to. Just click on the images and save them on your computer.


Hello Everybody,Self portrait of Bartolo Ansaldi

This is my new blog. Some of you may know me already for having read my other blogs, the Italian one Ancora Brucia and the English one Bartolo Ansaldi.
I like writing them, but they are general blogs on my life, funny things that happen to me or blogs that I use to let people know my thoughts.

I am now feeling the need of a blog more focused on my professional interests and what I am able to do, to liaise with people with the same interests, that want to reach me and develop new projects together.
Here you will find some of my works and if you want you can contribute with comments and suggestions.

I will put also attention on posting tutorials about design and animation. I am a great user of these tutorials, they helped me a lot in improving my skills and I think it’s just fair to do the same to help others.

To contact me for suggestions, new projects or tutorial requests, you can leave a comment after any post or write to me at

All the best,


P.S.: Yes, the guy in the image is me 🙂