This is a new logo design I did for my website about photography, Fai una Foto.

I did it in Adobe Illustrator and I wanted to create something that reminded of a camera in its most essential element, and at the same time do something more complex than the usual logos.
Nowadays simple is considered better, and I agree with that: when in doubt, following the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best advise.

Experienced and talented designers have the ability to strip a concept to its most basic meaning and create something beautiful with just a few lines, recognizable in a blink of an eye from distance.

As this logo is for myself and not for a client, I wanted to try something more sophisticated: something more logo_BMWcomplex that gave the impression on a subliminal level of a strong and classic product. I am happy with this result. I had to experiment in order to reach what I wanted and I think the reason this logo gives me confidence is because it somewhat reminds me of the BMW associated to a classic and strong product. This hasn’t been done on purpose, but it offers an interesting point to think about the links and triggers of our minds.

What do you think about that?

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