This is the result of a challenge I took with myself: I watched an episode of Futurama paying attention to as many details as possible, and then I drew Fry just using my memory.

Although he’s not exactly as the original one, I’m happy with the result, and I think the most of you will recognize him at first glance.

I think it’s a good exercise to improve your skills as an Illustrator, and definitely a fun one.



I would like to thank Joe Price of PSDRockstar for having published my Photoshop tutorial on how to turn your picture into a poster Andy Warhol style.

For the ones of you passionate about Photoshop and interested in my tutorial, please click on this link.


Recently I went to a supermarket and having a look at the magazines I noticed that there were no pictures without some heavy retouchments. Not a single one, even the ones that were supposed to be true, like the one about an accident with a mirror.

So I started to think on a way to make this effect more artistic.

For the Broken Mirror effect I took this picture of Abigail Spencer from Cowboys and Aliens because I find her beautiful.

I did this work entirely in Adobe Illustrator.
If you want me to write a tutorial on how to make this effect, feel free to contact me with a comment or privately.


This Summer I have been on holiday in Tunisia, at the Seabel Alhambra Hotel.

It has been a very nice experience that pushed my creativity, and here I post some of the works that that beautiful place inspired me.

I have been especially impressed by the Italian Assistant Valentina, and how she kept cool and professional dealing with unreasonable and nasty tourists.

If you are planning your holidays with your family and friends, this is a place that I definitely recommend, and especially if you can stay at least 2 weeks, the price becomes  incredibly cheap for an all inclusive service.


This is the animation I did for See Buy Smile: a friendly company that sells products online.

I like this company, because its products are good and at a very convenient price. Besides, they are very nice people to work with!

If you are interested in online shopping, please visit their sites at,, &


These are some of the drawings I did about Lucky Luke.

I have always been passionate about comics and I find Lucky Luke’s classic stories humorous and intelligent, and the graphic style is amazing.

This is an homage to Morris and Goscinny, the drawings are mine. Feel free to use them if you need to. Just click on the images and save them on your computer.


Hello Everybody,Self portrait of Bartolo Ansaldi

This is my new blog. Some of you may know me already for having read my other blogs, the Italian one Ancora Brucia and the English one Bartolo Ansaldi.
I like writing them, but they are general blogs on my life, funny things that happen to me or blogs that I use to let people know my thoughts.

I am now feeling the need of a blog more focused on my professional interests and what I am able to do, to liaise with people with the same interests, that want to reach me and develop new projects together.
Here you will find some of my works and if you want you can contribute with comments and suggestions.

I will put also attention on posting tutorials about design and animation. I am a great user of these tutorials, they helped me a lot in improving my skills and I think it’s just fair to do the same to help others.

To contact me for suggestions, new projects or tutorial requests, you can leave a comment after any post or write to me at

All the best,


P.S.: Yes, the guy in the image is me 🙂