This is another interesting example of how people perceive things in a different way. At the moment I am designing the catalogs  for the TV shows of Passion Distribution and after I make the first draft I send the title to the head of department for review.

For the TV show How Steve Jobs Changed The World I chose a frame of his speech at Stanford University in 2005 as the main picture and his most famous picture as the secondary one (left), but the Commercial Director asked me to swap them (right, and final version).

How Steve Jobs changed the WorldHow Steve Jobs Changed The World Final

The reason of my choice (left) is that the gray scale picture is an icon, is the most used picture of him in the last years (especially after his death), it became an icon that reminds me of Andy Warhol’s pop art, it has been somewhat abused and I personally feel it represents the business side of his life. That’s the reason why you have use that picture when talking about Steve Jobs.
The one in colors that I used as the main picture represents the most inspiring moment of his life: when he gave a speech at one of the most important universities in the World saying I quitted University because I felt it was useless to me, and my first thought when I see this picture is Stay hungry, stay foolish.

The Commercial Director asked me to swap the pictures because the one in gray scale is the the strongest, being the most famous.

Unlike the example in my previous post, this time I stayed with my opinion and I wanted to check what others thought. So I turned to the Marketing Coordinator (who sits close to me) and asked him which version he preferred (without knowing the background story).

He immediately picked up the version of the Commercial Director, and when I asked him to motivate his choice, he simply replied he didn’t know the other picture and the gray scale one is more powerful.