Monti Minaccia FacebookIt can be tricky to explain to a non-Italian what a Technical Government is, but basically in November 20011 our Government acknowledged that things were so messy in my Country and Politician had no clue on what to do, so they asked someone who was supposed to be smarter to clean up what they did, so that they could come back and mess up again.

That person is Mario Monti, chief of our Government of Technicians.

But he started liking to be there, and after a year he decided to run for the elections, although he doesn’t know much about gaining the trust of the people.
Because even if he has been considered great by our politicians for doing their dirty job, many Italians (yours faithful included) didn’t like him at all because he just raised taxes and did whatever Germany asked him to.

So when he opened his account on Facebook he was initially flabbergasted by the tens of thousands people who liked his page, just lately understanding that the most of them did it to tell what they thought about him.
In a few days he skipped from enthusiasm to hanger and threats to prosecute anyone who will offend in on Facebook, and I immediately thought his status deserved a drawing of me suggesting all the readers to tell him GENTLY to @@@@ off.

To realize this drawing in Adobe Illustrator I first sketched myself using a customized PAINTBRUSH TOOL, then in another layer below that one I colored the illustration using the BLOB BRUSH TOOL.
For the shadowing I duplicated the color layer putting the shadow layer between the other two and  I darkened all the tints. Then with the ERASER TOOL I took out the portions I didn’t want, leaving the shadows.

I like this technique very much.

For the monitor, I made a PRINT SCREEN of Monti’s page and then I applied over the JPG a clipping mask the shape of the monitor.



Lately there have been student demonstrations in my Country, Italy, and I have been astonished to know that police have beaten up students protesting over the corruption of our politicians.
It is even more astonishing to notice how two days later nobody talks about it anymore on Facebook.
I think when you have a strong interest in visual arts and communications it is your duty to do as much as you can to spread the word on topics that are important to you, and this is why I did this drawing.

The writing says To protect the Corrupts from the Helpless.
I did this drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

For the shadowing I used the blob brush, adding a blur effect to simulate the visual effect you have in Photoshop, but with the advantage to keep working on vectors.