i-ve_lost_weight-01Recently my inspiration comes from my conversations with my sister and I have the impression this is a well that will never run out of water.

My only problem at the moment is that I am not as fast at drawing as she is at throwing me her pearls, so at the moment I have a larger and larger waiting list of comic strips to come.

What to use them for? No idea, but I think it’s a good thing to draw them down until I’ll find a use for them at a certain point in the future.

I am drawing using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom pen.



Comic strip on Bartolo Ansaldi eating a pastry.

I’ve always been fascinated by black humour, for the guilt sensation you feel when you laugh.
This is a story on myself inspired by real life (with some obvious adjustments in the end). I like to joke about myself, and so my readers, hence I have a long tradition of true stories about myself in my Italian blog, a couple of real life animations and lately also comic strips.

To draw this strip I used Adobe Flash. It is a powerful tool to draw and I feel some of its features are even better than Illustrator (for example the ability to adjust the lines easily with the Selection Tool). The down size is that in Illustrator you have more options to personalize the lines.

This was an experiment and I have been happy with the result, even if Illustrator is the real software to use to draw comics. So I will continue to use Flash not just for my animations.

To edit the lay out I used Photoshop because I had to¬†crop the images first (Flash didn’t cut the edges). It is true that InDesign is the real software to do that, but I find that when you have to work just on one page Photoshop is a powerful friend.

I hope you like my strip, you are welcome to give me your feedback or exchange ideas on new techniques.