This is a new logo design I did for my website about photography, Fai una Foto.

I did it in Adobe Illustrator and I wanted to create something that reminded of a camera in its most essential element, and at the same time do something more complex than the usual logos.
Nowadays simple is considered better, and I agree with that: when in doubt, following the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best advise.

Experienced and talented designers have the ability to strip a concept to its most basic meaning and create something beautiful with just a few lines, recognizable in a blink of an eye from distance.

As this logo is for myself and not for a client, I wanted to try something more sophisticated: something more logo_BMWcomplex that gave the impression on a subliminal level of a strong and classic product. I am happy with this result. I had to experiment in order to reach what I wanted and I think the reason this logo gives me confidence is because it somewhat reminds me of the BMW associated to a classic and strong product. This hasn’t been done on purpose, but it offers an interesting point to think about the links and triggers of our minds.

What do you think about that?



the_leaving_partyLiving in a place where a lot of people come an go as soon as a new opportunity comes up, meeting people that want to spend the rest of their lives here and then soon after they go is something you get used to.

A few days ago this happened to a friend of my sister and this concept all of a sudden came up into my mind. It’s been a bit embarrassing: everybody was sad for her departure, and I burst into laughs.

Anyway, I did this drawing using Adobe Illustrator.



I recently lost myself exploring the Live Trace options and the new Bristle Brush in Adobe Illustrator: two fantastic tools that I wanted to combine together.
This is the result: a portrait of Jennifer Aniston that looks like an oil painting. Thoughts?
Jennifer Aniston

To do that I traced twice a picture of Jennifer Aniston with the Live Trace tool.
The first time I did it in colors, the second time in black and white and I took out the white leaving transparent instead. This made the edges of the picture stronger.
In the next layers I painted the picture using a variety of Bristle Brushes, the first time doing the flats, on the next layer taking care of the lights, then the shadows, the details and the hair.

I didn’t expect a so realistic effect. I like it. And you?


Monti Minaccia FacebookIt can be tricky to explain to a non-Italian what a Technical Government is, but basically in November 20011 our Government acknowledged that things were so messy in my Country and Politician had no clue on what to do, so they asked someone who was supposed to be smarter to clean up what they did, so that they could come back and mess up again.

That person is Mario Monti, chief of our Government of Technicians.

But he started liking to be there, and after a year he decided to run for the elections, although he doesn’t know much about gaining the trust of the people.
Because even if he has been considered great by our politicians for doing their dirty job, many Italians (yours faithful included) didn’t like him at all because he just raised taxes and did whatever Germany asked him to.

So when he opened his account on Facebook he was initially flabbergasted by the tens of thousands people who liked his page, just lately understanding that the most of them did it to tell what they thought about him.
In a few days he skipped from enthusiasm to hanger and threats to prosecute anyone who will offend in on Facebook, and I immediately thought his status deserved a drawing of me suggesting all the readers to tell him GENTLY to @@@@ off.

To realize this drawing in Adobe Illustrator I first sketched myself using a customized PAINTBRUSH TOOL, then in another layer below that one I colored the illustration using the BLOB BRUSH TOOL.
For the shadowing I duplicated the color layer putting the shadow layer between the other two andย  I darkened all the tints. Then with the ERASER TOOL I took out the portions I didn’t want, leaving the shadows.

I like this technique very much.

For the monitor, I made a PRINT SCREEN of Monti’s page and then I applied over the JPG a clipping mask the shape of the monitor.


Recently I have seen a picture of President Obama and his wife hugging after winning the elections. I liked it so much decided to make this drawing out of it.
I wanted to congratulate him anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

To do that, I sketched it in Illustrator, then I did all the coloring and shadowing in Photoshop.

For the sky I used an interesting effect on Photoshop: select the colors for the foreground and background, go to Filter – Render – Clouds and it automatically does this effect.

Then you can change it going to Filter – Render – Difference Clouds.


I would like to thank the site Melanzane al Cioccolato for having published my drawing.
If you speak Italian and are interested in a healthy life style, this is a site that I definitely recommend you to visit often.

Usually families with eating disorders have more than one member overweight, and people generally tend to think this is related to bad genes.
In this article they suggest to take a look to your pet animal. If your cat or dog is a bit too fat too, it is very likely that you should review your eating habits first.

I sketched this drawing on paper, I traced it on Adobe Illustrator and colored the flats, then in Adobe Photoshop I did all the lightening and the shading.

For the ones that noticed a familiarity on the picture behind the family, you’re right! I am a Simpsons fan and this is a homage ๐Ÿ™‚


A while ago I discovered by chance Rod Guen, an Artist whose works I now admire very much.

I especially like the way he portrays women: they are so natural in their movements, and in every drawing you have the feeling you can get some of the personality of his character.

Watching his drawings of women he portrayed in their private moments, I have the feeling he loved all of them.

I enjoyed so much his drawings I felt the urge to copy one, and here is the final result.ย  I like the way this girl raises her foot: she is telling us she is maybe a dancer, and that call phone is important to her, and not really pleasant.

I copied the girl on a piece of paper, then I scanned it and inked it in Adobe Illustrator. After that, I colored it in Adobe Photoshop.

For the curtain, I drew it in Illustrator, than exported it in Photoshop and played with the opacity, blur and transparency. It is my first attempt to color a curtain using this technique, but I like it.

You can see the original drawing on this link