This is the cover I made for my new cover_giochi_pericolosishort novel, Giochi Pericolosi [Dangerous Games], available now on Amazon as an e-book and on paper.

It’s based on a true experience I had when I was at high school and as you can see from the cover, it’s about seances.

For the moment it’s just in Italian, but if you are interested in reading it, please let me know and I can have it translated into English!

To check it on Amazon, please click this link.


freebirdThis advert is part of a campaign I recently designed to promote activities you can do in Tenerife.
I am satisfied with this result, especially thinking how bad it risked to be.

For this page I had some very good pictures I had to sacrifice because they were too similar to others I used, and some pictures I didn’t really like, but I had to put.

One of the main reasons people buy a trip with this catamaran is to see wales and dolphins, so it was important to put the picture of a dolphin seen from the boat, but no matter how hard I tried, the picture didn’t fit with the rest of the page.
Then I had the idea to use that picture as the background and everything all of a sudden seemed to go in the right place.

This advert is different from the others of the campaign, but I really like the think outside the box result.


Too IntelligentI’ve never thought about that but my sister seems to be a good inspiration for my comic strips.
I guess this is because no matter how hard I try, she seldom likes my humor and even if she tries to be nice with me, the words she uses make her thoughts obvious.

And her attempts to hide the truth of her thinking is SO obvious I am starting to find them funny. Every time she makes a comment on my strips I think This could be excellent material for a new one!
Short on comic material? Hey Sis, what do you think about this drawing? And BOOM, here we have a cool new strip!

I’m actually thinking about a series called My Sister Says 🙂

Only problem now is that I have too much material and not enough time!


I have recently found a drawing of Ariel I did for fun a while ago and I thought it was a good idea to publish it.

06 Glen Keane Ariel06 Glen Keane Ariel_coloured

The original sketch is by artist Glen Keane, the colored version is mine.
This has been made in Photoshop. To accomplish this result I set the opacity of my brushes at a low level. This way when the flow of the same color crossed (water versus deeper water/shadow) it gave a feeling of watercolors. When two different colors crossed (like hair and water) they gave the impression of dirt color, which I think is more realistic than a perfectly colored drawing.


The ToiletA month ago I moved to a new flat and I drew this strip out of my first impression. It’s been pretty popular among my friends.
Funny thing, now that I’m used to it, I don’t find the toilet that small anymore, and I wouldn’t find it comical enough to draw something about that.

Routine kills creativity, making new experiences boosts it.
So, likeminded creatives, if we seek new ideas we need to find ways to make new experiences.
That’s as simple as that.


In this post I am uploading my portfolio 2013. cover_final
The most difficult part has been taking out works that I liked, but for some reasons didn’t really fit in this presentation.

I am sure some of you will be disappointed in not finding a sample of the project we have been working on together and I am sorry about that.
If we are still in contact, you know that I enjoyed very much working together and I hope we will work together again (if we are no longer in contact though, that could be the reason why your project is not here and your emails go directly in my spam folder).
I selected these projects to give an example of my work to whom doesn’t know me professionally.

For this portfolio I wanted to do something different and I liked the idea of designing it like an overused old fashion photo album (the reason why the cover is ripped off).

You can view the full version by CLICKING HERE.