Hello Everybody,Self portrait of Bartolo Ansaldi

This is my new blog. Some of you may know me already for having read my other blogs, the Italian one Ancora Brucia and the English one Bartolo Ansaldi.
I like writing them, but they are general blogs on my life, funny things that happen to me or blogs that I use to let people know my thoughts.

I am now feeling the need of a blog more focused on my professional interests and what I am able to do, to liaise with people with the same interests, that want to reach me and develop new projects together.
Here you will find some of my works and if you want you can contribute with comments and suggestions.

I will put also attention on posting tutorials about design and animation. I am a great user of these tutorials, they helped me a lot in improving my skills and I think it’s just fair to do the same to help others.

To contact me for suggestions, new projects or tutorial requests, you can leave a comment after any post or write to me at bartoloansaldi@bisonproductions.net.

All the best,


P.S.: Yes, the guy in the image is me 🙂


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